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Press Coverage of Company Launch June 2009


ANNOUCEMENT June 1st 2009



LAS VEGAS, June 1st, 2009 – Paul Flett announces the launch of his new company today.
Paul Flett is a seasoned licensing industry veteran, with over 20 years of experience in entertainment licensing, marketing and sales. Paul has worked in multinational companies in the US and Europe such as MGM Studios, Warner Bros., Sega, Mattel, L’Oréal and Nestlé. Mr. Flett will now apply his extensive knowledge and experience to help clients of his new company- Sinclair Global Corporation.
“Sinclair Global Corporation is a world class management company offering a variety of marketing services that play to my strengths and experience” said Paul, the company’s founder and President. “I have always dreamed of running my own company and I am now in a position to offer some very innovative brand building solutions to my clients. I am also working with great people and have been fortunate to be already engaged in some really challenging and creative opportunities.”
From its Los Angeles office, Sinclair Global Corporation will offer licensing, promotional sales, marketing strategies and implementation. Paul explained “My emphasis is connecting brands to retail, entertainment and promotional opportunities and vice versa The challenge is to maximize market potential by targeted partner selection and creative brand planning”. 
Paul is helping his clients to develop their business both in the US and in international markets where Paul spent over 15 years penetrating and developing new markets for the consumer brands he has managed which range from luxury goods, frozen food, toys and video games. Paul added “My international background gives me a true global perspective and I am looking forward to helping clients build incremental revenues in new markets” 
There is a strong emphasis on brands and entertainment in the Sinclair DNA - Paul has been responsible for brand managing and licensing world-famous properties including The Pink Panther, Harry Potter, The Looney Tunes, Batman, The Matrix, Stargate and Rocky. Brand experience includes Barbie, Sega, Lean Cuisine, Elnett hairspray and the luxury hair care brand Kérastase. “I have had a very fulfilling and interesting career to date and I look forward to passing on my skills and knowledge to new clients and their brands as I launch Sinclair Global Corporation” said Paul
Sinclair Global Corporation’s current clients include:

    24/7 Entertainment - owner of the Classic Cool™ brand.

     Reflectur, the award winning west coast based design and branding agency.

     Vivolta the French TV station.

     Akimoff Licences- the European IP law firm.
“I am also looking to sign more clients at the Licensing Expo” added Paul “I am looking to present my company to many of my contacts during the show and build my client roster. I am also in active discussions with several celebrity clients and hope to make announcements very soon”.
“Paul really impressed me” said Dominique Bigle, Chairman of 24/7 Entertainment and one of the first clients to sign up with Sinclair Global Corporation. “He has great strategic vision and fantastic follow up- he has already helped me exploit my film library by developing several new revenue streams from European broadcasters and I look forward to working with him closely ongoing. He is going to play a big part in bringing Classic Cool™ to market on a global basis”.
Mark E. Sackett, President, Creative Director and Executive Producer at Reflectur added “Sinclair helped me to develop important new client relationships and are developing a global branding and roll-out strategy for my creative thinking brand called Brainfood© . Paul is one of the world’s experts at international business development and he is doing a great job of planning and executing my global launch strategy”. 

Paul Flett can be reached during the show by calling + 1 661 255 5558
About Sinclair Global Corporation

Sinclair Global Corporation is a management company serving the licensing, entertainment and consumer goods sectors. The company is headquartered in Stevenson Ranch, Los Angeles, California and is headed by Paul Flett, President. Services include marketing and brand building and the company focuses on generating new revenue streams by helping companies and celebrities grow and extend their brand through innovative licensing, promotions and market development strategies.

 For more information, visit www.sinclairglobalcorp.com


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